Sunday, 17 November 2013

Here is a little story about the perils of Black Magic!

I was in the middle of my lunch when I was called by a human, using a pentacle. He had got everything correct or I would not have appeared. I live in a very technically advanced culture and find human beings very irritating!
He had made the pentacle extremely strong so I could not get at him to rip him in two. I was twice the size of the upstart, but there I was, stuck.
"What do you want, human?" I asked.
The idiot danced up and down in a jig of satisfaction and said, "You can give me my youth back. I want to be back into my early twenties!"
"I can do that," I replied, "but I will have to return to my world to do so."
"If I let you do that you will not return, so what will make you come back?"
"The pentacle, you fool opens a doorway into my world. It will only stay open for a while, say a thousand years of my time and I do not want a hole in my house for that length of time. So you must give me your word that you will rub out the lines after I give you what you have asked for!"
The human thought for a bit and then agreed. So I returned to my home and found what I was looking for. My lunch had gone cold and dead so was not worth saving and that added to my bad humour.
I reappeared in the pentacle and tossed the item to him.
"These pants are made from indestructible cloth so it will last for thousands of years and it will keep you young. Try them on," I suggested.
The idiot did that and was amazed to find himself no longer a silver haired balding, fat old man, but a handsome young man in the peak of fitness.
He danced around his room with joy and snuffed out the candles of the pentacle, scrubbing out the marks on the floor.
I considered eating him there and then, but I felt that my gift would give me more satisfaction as it was.
I returned to my world and made sure that my lunch would not be interrupted again, but not before I enjoyed listening to his howl of anguish when he discovered what would happen if he removed them!. I wondered just how much excrement and urine he would be willing to carry around with himself before he took them off!

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  1. Wwow Barry That is a cool story I am wondering if my son would like it He likes Science Fiction