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What people are saying on Amazon: Genesis 2

On the back cover:

'The Genesis Project spread mankind to the stars using Nano-ships before the sun expanded into a red giant. As immense periods of time as need to travel at sub-light speeds across interstellar distances, the ship's artificial intelligences are shut down to save energy. One ship becomes caught amongst the comets in orbit around the sun and stays trapped for over six million years.

The ship's random orbit is disturbed and the crew re-activated by the increased energy levels as they fall toward the sun. The old civilisation is long gone and Jupitar is teeming with natural and seeds life. The world is no longer a gas giant, as the expanding sun tore off most of the miles deep atmosphere.

A massive mountain range divides Jupitar and on one side lives a sentient species known as the Gnath. These people control their world by manipulative genetic engineering of their own people and the creatures that they find useful.

On the other side of this mountain range live the re-created human and intelligent apes and when they interfere in the affairs of the Gnathe a chain of events is set in motion that will forever change both societies.'


'I have to say, I've been put off science fiction novels before now. I'm not totally sure why, though it could be because of the sort of things they have in them nowadays.But this book was great! I actually got it at a sci fi convention (and got it signed, too!) on Friday, and finished it by Monday (I'm a fast reader). This book contains much in the way of descriptions, and I wasn't left with the feeling that things hadn't been explained properly in it.The alien race - the Gnathe - have a system very similar to a dictatorship. They are a species with three sexes - male, female, and a different sort of female, who act as the rulers, and expect to be served. The third sex are the Brood Mothers - they carry the eggs of the mated male and female, and are able to manipulate the unborn children. The Brood Mothers also choose which males and females are mated to each other.The book actually starts with a brief description of where mankind is at that point. I won't give much away, but the starting point of the story is with a Brood Mother who sees a different way forward for the Gnathe, but is actually sentenced to death for her different way of thinking. She is in fact rescued, and she and her rescuers are aided by Kamiel, a Guardian to the humans and modified apes who are inside a sort of Habitat as the air on the world is toxic to them.All in all, I would say that this book is definitely worth buying. It is extremely well-written, and very hard to put down once you start. I can't wait for the next one!' Sarah 

'A fantastic roller coaster of a ride with cleaver mixes of ancient, modern & fantasy technology on an ever increasing scale. Character & event discriptions no matter how obscure neatly fit into this fast moving volume. A very good SF read leaving the need to seek out the rest in the Genesis series.' DH

'I have read all of Barry's books. I was lucky to have met Barry several years ago at the Star Fleet Ball where he was promoting his first book in the series Genesis 2. Genesis 2 was a fantastic read. I was very impressed with Barry's imagination and the story telling within the book. I could not put it down. If you enjoy sci-fi novels then I highly recommend this book' Peridot 62

Genesis 2 is the fist book in The Genesis Project series. It is available to buy at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. 

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