Saturday, 20 October 2012

Genesis Weapon - The Genesis Project

Book three from sci-fi author Barry Woodham has now been published and is available from Amazon in hard copy and eBook formats.

'Due to Link-soo-shan’s efforts a wormhole system is established between Jupiter and the Three Worlds that orbit Icarus. Centuries later a thriving civilization begins to grow on the Three Worlds. But then, suddenly and without warning the connection is severed, lasting centuries. An alien weapon of mass destruction arrives at the newly settled worlds with the chilling statement ''I am Toarvak 6, destroyer of worlds, servant of the Kresh. You are not Kresh. Toarvak 7 has been informed. I am the Will and the Way. You must all die. Purity will be maintained''. Something brings Toarvak 6, the ancient agent of death to an abrupt halt, but the Three Worlds are reduced to scrabbling through the ruins of the old civilization. Far out on the fringes of this galactic arm is a far greater menace then the Kresh destroyer. A telepathic freak of nature that lives inside and controls sentient life and animals is slowly rebuilding an empire. Death is no escape from the Goss'.

Genesis Weapon - The Genesis Project available as a paperback

Genesis Weapon - The Genesis Project availabe for Kindle

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