Saturday, 20 October 2012

Genesis 2 - The Genesis Project

Book one from sci-fi author Barry Woodham has now been published and is available from Amazon in hard copy and eBook formats.

'Over six million years in the future, after the sun has become a red giant, mankind has another chance to establish its civilisation on a terra-formed Jupiter, with the Genesis project. The expanding sun has stripped away the great mantle of gas leaving a liveable world.
There is a problem however. The Gnathe also live there and when humanity decides to interfere in their affairs, a chain of events is set in motion that will forever change both societies.
Using science fact as well as fiction to tell a remarkable story set in the far future, the author's use and knowledge and research of scientific details gives the novel an air of realism that enhances the story, making it believable and easy to imagine being a possible future, to show an eventual fate of the human race, and of our solar system'.

Genesis 2 - The Genesis Project available in paperback
Genesis 2 - The Genesis Project available for Kindle 

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