Thursday, 24 September 2015


I have written five books in the Genesis series and three books in the Elf War series. All of them have received excellent reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Find them and read them and you will not be disappointed. I will take on a journey through time and my imagination that will entertain you. All you have to do is buy the books. I have had E-mails from those who have and not one said that they regretted spending the money. After all a Kindle copy is not a king's ransom ????!!!!.Otherwise what incentive is there to continue to entertain and spend a year or two writing a book that does not get read? Meanwhile I continue to write short stories published in the magazine below for you all to enjoy.
Book 1 - Genesis 2
Book 2 - Genesis Debt.
Book 3 -Genesis Weapon..
Book 4 -Genesis Search.
Book 5 - Genesis 3 ; - A New Beginning
The Elf-war. & Molock’s Wand
Star-Seed Awakening - Self-published.
The Eyes of Prometheus is now available
Amazon US:

Eyes of Prometheus, vol. 1: 2nd Edition
Eyes of Prometheus, Vol. 1 is an Anthology of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Reflection. Prometheus stole fire from the gods; likewise, we will lift a veil and treat you to visions of alternate possibilities. Hear the stories written on this…

Look out for The Eyes of Prometheus issue 2 in October.
And here’s the UK link for Volume 2: US link:

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