Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Star-Seed Awakening.

Star-Seed Awakening has been edited and will now be featured on Amazon for sale as a paperback or E-book. This will recount the High King's most difficult challenge when he meets and had to deal with the alien being that can dominate worlds. I am once again self-financing and self-publishing my book so that those of you who enjoy journeying into the vaults of my imagination can do so again. This will be the final book in the Elf War Trilogy - Elf War, Molock's Wand and Star-Seed Awakening make up the complete set of the story of the 'Long Shadow' who becomes High King of the Elves and builds a commonwealth across the parallel Earths that exist beyond the Rifts. Elf, man, goblin, gnome, dwarf, troll and velociraptors all have their part to play in this saga. Whether or not I could set another adventure in these worlds remains to be seen. I have enjoyed writing about them and developing their many different personalities over the years. I just hope that you will enjoy then too!
Barry E Woodham.

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