Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I have now turned my attention to a set of Tales regarding the adventures that can be made real by Lucid Dreaming. Once you can  master this, then you can master death itself and create a world of your own imagination that you can explore long after your heart stops beating. The ship I sail made from Dragon-wood and formed by my own mind is called the Dream-Jammer and sails on a Sea of Dreams. --- My first attempt at writing Fantasy!!!
This is an unfortunate reality.
BUT  although this Blog has been read and visited over 7,000 times by those curious to find what I write about, sales of my books have been so poor, I doubt that I can continue to write and self-publish any more novels. This is a pity, but the reality of life is that it is expensive to self-publish and only sales can provide the necessary funds to do this. My reviews have been excellent, so it would be sad to draw a halt to my writing. My dream was to donate the profits to my local   Hospice and do some good with my writing. At age 71 it may be that I will need to use those facilities some day! Who knows?

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