Friday, 4 October 2013

Peterkin has at last seen the static form of the 'Collective' rising from a hill of decaying sauropods. A black glossy trunk over a half a mile wide and two miles high has photo-sensitive receptors the size of a football field tuned to catch all the sun's rays. Tendrils sprout from above ground level to snatch and tear apart anything that comes within range to feed the root system. a constant trickle of water runs down the trunk to the thirsty roots generated by an artificial weather system at the crown that is shrouded in perpetual clouds below the leaves. A steady stream of large dinosaurs make their way to the base of the trunk to die and add their sustenance to the 'Collective.' These are herded by the velociraptors who are hosts to the 'Collective's seeds that have not sprouted.  All who serve the 'Collective' benefit from the weak that die on their way to feed the roots. The great eaters are now controlled by the alien and also make their way to be within reach of the lower tendrils.
What Peterkin does not know is that for the first time in its hundreds of millions of years of existence, there are many more than this one 'tree' that Peterkin had been allowed to see!
All life on this world serves the 'Collective' and soon it will understand how to manipulate the Rifts and spread its seeds throughout the Multiverse! How can Peterkin stop it?


  1. Hi Barry,

    I like your trend of thought in your story; both original and powerful.

    1. Thank you David. That is most kind. I do try to come up with something that other authors have not hammered to death!