Saturday, 29 June 2013

Star-Seed.-Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 is nearly finished. The Collective is becoming more aware than it has ever been as it absorbs more sapient creatures. Many millions of years ago the Star-Seed spread itself amongst the stars, dominating planet after planet.
Here is an extract about the Collective.
                                                   Chapter 3

For many millions of years the adult end-product of the Collective, had dominated all life-forms it had found. It had travelled from world to world extending its grip on whatever life-forms it had encountered. The central consciousness had cloned many times as the seedcases had been projected into the cosmos over and over again whenever the Tree felt threatened. It had no way of ever knowing whether its ‘siblings’ had ever made it to another water-world so it always acted as if it were the only survivor. The Collective had evolved on one of the first planets to bring forth life and had been one of many. A vegetative kind of warfare had taken place as the trees fought for light and air space amongst themselves, until some of them perfected the art of collecting enough fissionable material and exploding the trunk of the tree beyond orbit, casting the seedcases into the cosmos to take their chances.

Long ago, the unstable sun that gave birth to the Trees exploded, destroying the world of birth and enriching the stellar wastes with dense materials capable of building more planets. Billions of years later the trees still survived and spread their seeds in the universe that the raptor’s Spellbinder had chosen to explore. Each seed was a clone of the previous ‘Tree’ and carried all of its life experiences within it, so still the ruthless competition continued amongst the survivors of that exploding star. Each clone would seek to dominate any other seed’s offspring if it landed on the world it had taken possession of. Then a vegetative war would break out using the mobile life-forms as living weapons. They would be genetically altered to become parasitic creatures programmed to seek out the ‘Other’ and chew away at its roots and branches. Each Tree would develop poisons to counter-act the other’s defences. An uneasy stalemate would eventually occur and each tree would eventually accept that each was equal to the other. When that finally happened, the trees would cross pollinate and produce newly genetically crafted seeds. There would then be a race to collect uranium and store it until once again the Trees blasted the seedcases across the interstellar reaches.

 Well there will be much more, as the Elfin Kingdom takes on the challenge of dealing with the Collective, as it begins to lean how to think rather than react, due to instinct!
In this novel I will explore the relationships between the interspecies community of the Parallel Worlds and the persona of an aging Peterkin, High King of the Elfin Kingdom. I hope that you will be entertained as I create another peek into another universe! 


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