Monday, 10 June 2013

Now that Molock's Wand is finished I am exploring the possibilities of the intelligent Velociraptors surveying the multi-universes beyond the rifts using a Spellbinder. Here in orbit around a dinosaur planet Earth where the asteroid missed, they come in contact with the Star-seed. I wrote a short story as a pilot to this idea and have taken that idea and given it a little shake!

The first chapter has been written and I can sense a new and strange adventure for my Raptors. They have been genetically altered by the elves and have opposable thumbs. Much has changed since the downfall of Eloen and a wave of expansion is taking place. This world would be an ideal new place for the 'folk' to exploit, but the star-seed is rapidly assuming control and the Spellbinder dare not go back until the problem of the Star-seed has been solved as it only needs one spore to get back to Haven and all life could end up living for the seed of the tree!

Look out for Molock's Wand on Amazon next month. I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Here is an extract from the first chapter. 

Once the fuel had been exhausted the seed-cases disengaged from the empty propulsion units and left them behind. Now they spread solar sails to catch the stellar wind and gained speed to attain escape velocity from the star of their birth. Those cases that were facing towards the sun ultimately perished in its grasp. Those that faced away began the long journey out of the reach of the star. Several gas giants lay between the planet of their birth and the outer reaches. Hundreds of the seed-cases perished, drawn into the gravity wells and some landed on airless moons, failing to germinate and would remain in this state of suspended readiness for ever. There was nothing here for the children of the tree and the survivors carried on into the great darkness beyond the last outposts orbiting the star.

Several million years later, a seedcase began the long drop towards the sun, passing through a Kuiper belt of frozen balls of gas and stony residue. Enough starlight was captured by the sensors to waken the systems that made sure that the seedcase did not collide with any frozen planetoids. It would be many thousands of years before the sensors would pick up the traces that would mean a water-world. Once that happened the seed-case would alter course to put it in orbit around the chosen world. Slowly the warmth of the new sun began to have an effect upon the seed-case and new vegetal circuits triggered off new responses. Long stored growth cells activated and leaves used liquid water to expand into vanes so that a sycamore seed shape began to take shape. A tiny portion of water was jetted to the side to give the seed-case a slow spin. Now each vane was periodically bathed in sunlight and while the water liquefied the wing grew further in the increasing warmth of the star. As the vane rotated into shadow the wing froze. The new wings would slow the passage through the atmosphere to prevent it from burning up. The tree had planned for every contingency that its originator had passed down. Its best hope for the optimum survival of the seed was to engage with a host.

That host was getting closer by the moment!  The Leader of the raptors operating the ship had willed her Spellbinder away from the gravitational pull of the parallel Earth to investigate a strange incoming object that had shown up on the sensors. The new type of velociraptors had been a triumph of genetic engineering by the elfin scientists; not only were her senses sharper than many that had gone before, she had opposable thumbs! She had been named by the Halfling John Smith as Vinr-Margr meaning Leader of many! Her potential was off the scale and she was hatched in the certainty that she would one day rule the council of raptors by her wisdom. At the moment she was called Vinr having not yet earned the second part of her name.

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