Saturday, 27 April 2013

Molock's Wand has now entered the final part and the inevitable confrontation between Peterkin and Eloen will soon take place. Will Peterkin discover that he is Dokka'lfar in his heart or will he grant Eloen a kind of mercy? Will his son try to kill him, controlled by the Halfling? Chapter 18 will perhaps lay the stage for this action.
What part will the intelligent velociraptors play in this final part of the saga? Will the Trolls ability of looking forwards in time only reveal alternative realities. Now that Peterkin knows the location and time of emergence how will he ensure that a time loop will not take place and a paradox unravel, destroying all that he has built?
So many questions to be answered and so many possibilities to be unravelled! This is what gives me the joy of creative writing. My only wish is that those who eventually read this sequel to the Elf war will enjoy it as much as the first book I wrote about elves armed with AK 47's!!!!!!!! This will be the seventh book that I have written in the last 15 years and I still am filled with a sense of wonder when I look at the small shelf in my back room where they rest. There are more than half a million words in those books and because of them I have travelled to the start and end this universe and the construction of the next on the wings of my imagination!

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