Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Here is part of chapter 14! Just a taste of what is to come.
There is much more to be written!

Already the future was unravelling just as Cailleach had prophesied. I would have to trust Night-flower as I was told. Now matters were out of my hands and I would have to accept that I would be to some respects a pawn in a greater game. Vita-fjarri had kept quite a lot of her knowledge from me and had waited for me to acknowledge the loss of my son from this reality until she was sure where the direction of future events would go. I looked back along the tunnels leading back towards the troll-underworld and was astonished to see so many troll-maidens making their way towards us. Behind them slightly crouched under the roof of the burrows were a number of taller males. Why would they be coming with us? A thought entered unbidden into my mind. What if none of them were going to return? What strange future would, or could happen, where the trolls did not come back to their ancestral home? Was this the ‘bride-price’ that Calleach had insisted that I pay? These trolls were not coming home after this adventure had played out. If anywhere, they would be settled underneath the castle at Haven. If they survived what had to come, they would be colonists. This would account for the sadness that Sees-far had tried to hide at our farewell as she said goodbye to her daughter.

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